WITT – The Most Dedicated and Innovative Global Digital Currency Trading Platform

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WITT was established in 2016 and is headquartered in the United States. It is made up of professionals from investment banks, quantitative funds and technology companies, the foreign exchange industry and blockchain pioneers. In 2016, the foundation and the technical architecture of the WITT trading platform were built. In 2017, WITT officially entered the field of digital asset trading service platform; received investments from leading cryptocurrency venture capital institutions A16z, Digital Currency Group (Grayscale’s parent company), and seed-stage Binance Labs; held a license from the United States (MBS) Financial Regulatory Authority.

WITT is one of the most popular cryptocurrency exchanges in the world. It is an online digital asset derivatives trading platform with “blockchain” as its core, providing over 100 categories of cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, Litecoin and Ethereum, as well as the currency fiduciary, contracts and wealth management. Nowadays, WITT has 2 million registered users worldwide and the daily trading volume reaches US$3 billion, quickly becoming one of the world’s leading cryptocurrency exchanges.

WITT has established localized communities in Europe, South America, South Korea, Japan, India and other regions, focusing on serving cryptocurrency enthusiasts and experienced derivatives traders in various regional companies. We are always listening, attentive and improving. We hope that the advantages of cryptocurrencies and the traditional financial industry can be combined to continuously innovate. Provide our users with the most secure, efficient, fair and transparent trading experience in the industry through excellent platform capabilities and professional design concepts.

Services we offer:

WITT’s focus on advanced crypto trading means that it has many features that make it an ideal platform for crypto enthusiasts.

Cash trading:

WITT aggregates liquidity from the world’s top ten cryptocurrency exchanges, such as Binance, Huobi, and OKEx, to ensure sufficient trading depth and fast order execution,

Choose the best price to trade, 24×7 non-stop trading and instant settlement to meet traders trading needs.

All transactions are auctioned centrally in the open market, the system is consistent, the information is clearer, and the price is more transparent.

Trading rules are simple and easy to understand. Trading is flexible, and investors who are new to the market can also get involved quickly.

After placing an order, there is no need to operate frequently and worry about details such as margin for contract transactions, and the transaction risk is relatively low.

Perpetual Contract Negotiation:

WITT provides the industry’s most popular perpetual contracts based on USDT and fiat currencies. Perpetual contracts are contracts with no expiry date and the quote is adjusted according to the funding rate. The maximum leverage is 100x (advanced real-name authentication is required to open 100x leverage).

The WITT contract is simple and easy to understand, and you can see the current long-short ratio, i.e. the current payout ratio of the number of bullish and bearish investors. It can help investors judge the current market trend. There is a yield calculator under the contract trading interface, which can check the current capital yield rate.

Smart trading robot:

In the future, WITT users will be able to run trading robots on the web and provide many trading strategies such as spot grid, contract grid, smart balance, fixed investment and unlimited grid.

Pledged loan:

Crypto loans refer to lenders who provide liquidity to the protocol and can earn passive income. At the same time, borrowers can borrow with overcollateralization.

You can earn risk-free interest income by lending your crypto assets as a lender in the WITT Lending Service.

You can also lend your stablecoins or crypto assets you need by providing collateral to WITT.

The beginnings of the IEO:

You can learn about the risks and opportunities brought by IEOs through cryptocurrency exchanges like WITT, by participating in the crowdfunding and token launch services of some valuable blockchain projects

Our advantage:

The best security risk control system in the world:

Goldman Sachs’ experience in building high-level security risk control systems

Five years of experience in digital asset risk control management

Independent and professional digital asset research and valuation system

Conduct in-depth research into the digital asset servicing industry and provide authoritative and neutral asset analysis

Professional distributed architecture and anti-DDOS attack system

Global Localization Professional Operation Team:

Set up local transaction service centers in many countries and regions around the world

Globally localized digital asset allocation and trading services

Worldwide project expansion and operations management systems

A variety of fiat currencies and point-to-point digital assets KRW trading

Rapid global replication of technology development and management of innovation achievements at the conglomerate level

Redesign of the service system of the digital asset platform:

The first 7*24 hour customer service digital asset platform

The world’s first independent digital asset valuation system

Establish a pre-investment education mechanism for users

Announcing the Entire Network-Wide Listing Review Process

Establish an early compensation mechanism

Set up an investor protection fund

The values ​​of our team:

WITT’s core values ​​guide team goals, decisions and actions, enabling team collaboration across nationalities, cultures and backgrounds, ultimately realizing the shared vision of WITT teams

Focus on users:

We always put users’ needs first and provide users with high-quality services to protect their rights and interests.


We carry out our work responsibly and independently. Each member of the team has enough freedom. We have a diverse team and are not afraid to challenge the status quo.


We are open and honest. We are a team striving for a common goal, building the WITT ecosystem together.


We are results driven and aim to get things done. We are passionate and hardworking. Whenever we fail, we can always learn quickly and pick ourselves up.


We are receptive to criticism. We treat everyone the same. We are humbled by what we have accomplished.

Our mission and vision:

Our mission is to provide infrastructure services for the entire blockchain ecosystem and to accelerate global changes in blockchain assets.

Our vision is to let money flow freely around the world. You can pay with any blockchain asset for free, wherever you are,

and focus on actual use. We believe that spreading this freedom can make the world a better place.

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