WeLend Launches Brand Campaign to Feature WeScore to Improve Financial Health of Customers

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Local online lending platform WeLend has launched its latest brand campaign to introduce the first product to market “WeScore Financial Health Evaluation” (WeScore). Leveraging the full support of parent company WeLab, a pan-Asian fintech platform, WeLend aims to help customers improve their long-term financial health with its cutting-edge AI technology.

With ever-changing personal financial needs in Hong Kong, WeLend believes clients are looking for value-added loan application services with real benefits beyond core features such as “speed”, “convenience” and “process of simplified request”. With this in mind, WeLend has leveraged fintech to fill the void in the lending industry with its self-developed AI technology – combining 400 million data sets collected over the past nine years.Echoing the campaign’s main theme, “Master everything with AI predictions”, “WeScore” helps people accurately predict their potential financial risk and health, and puts them in control of their long-term financial planning. and possibly improve their financial health.

With “WeScore”, people can learn more about their current financial health and improve their status in just three steps, including getting real-time calculation of “WeScore”, receiving personalized financial recommendations with analysis by AI that helps plan ahead and deliver tailored results. found loan solutions and then improved their financial situation.

In the latest “WeScore” brand campaign, WeLend named Indigo Concept as the creative agency and MindShare as the media agency. The campaign applies a 360° marketing strategy, incorporating TVC broadcast, outdoor advertisements ranging from tram body dominance, bus body dominance to wayside MTR TVs, major digital and social media platforms, as well only selected channels of influence to achieve mass awareness and market awareness of the importance of financial health.


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The campaign continues with the company’s brand ambassador, Lin Min Chen, playing two unconventional roles in the TVC to highlight the connection between AI and humans, illustrating how AI helps humans to improve financial health with the innovative “WeScore” assessment.

Marco Lee, Managing Director of WeLend and Head of WeLab’s Lending Business Group, said, “Over the years, WeLend has continued to use revolutionary AI technology to reshape the traditional lending industry. By launching “WeScore”, we aim to make it a recognized financial health index that people will rely on for their financial planning. Not only by providing lending solutions, as a leading fintech company, we also want to take responsibility for educating people about the importance of financial health with our pioneering solutions.

“To take WeLend’s unique market positioning even further, our media strategy is being redefined through our Next Customer Prediction AI, bringing an innovative experience to the most likely audience,” added Cathy Cheng, Managing Director of MindShare Hong Kong.

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