Topekans hit local small business stores on Saturday

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TOPEKA, Kansas (WIBW) – Topekans took to local small business stores on Saturday, a day of particular significance to store owners, especially during the pandemic.

“Topeka has done a great job trying to get people to buy locally and be intentional about where they shop,” said Andrew Howard, co-owner of the Round Table Bookstore at 826 N Kansas Ave. at NOTO.

“It’s always easier without the pandemic, but it’s okay, we were able to pay all our bills and still do a little expansion and we were able to do a lot of delivery, online sales so it was good!

“What’s good for me is the fact that I’ve been in business for over 20 years,” said Brenda Price, owner of Absolute Design by Brenda, located at 629 S Kansas Ave. in downtown Topeka.

“It is helping a lot in this COVID and people are afraid to come out so we appreciate every local person who walks through the door. “

This year brings challenges for both stores as both are experiencing supply chain issues.

“Almost every order we get books, we don’t have what we order or the things after the first print are out of stock or we’ve run out of our beverage supplies,” Howard said.

“We’re sort of dealing with it and people really understood and accepted that it was supply chain issues and not us.”

“One of my main suppliers tells me the supply is on the ground, but there’s no guarantee of when I’ll see it in the store,” Price explained.

“I just have to decide if I should take it and keep it next year or not accept the product when it arrives.”

Both companies say buying local will help Topeka thrive.

“I try to support all businesses, especially downtown, because it looks like I live here,” Price said.

“I try to have lunch or collect a gift every week, I try to support my neighbors, it is always good to keep your money where you live and to try to support your little mom and the stores. pop.”

A Lending Tree study found that just under half of U.S. consumers plan to shop locally on Small Business Saturday.

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