This Social Security program is a win-win for employers and SSDI recipients looking to get back to work

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In a tight job market, diversity and inclusion can sometimes take a back seat to simply finding people to fill positions in a company. Forbes recently ranked “improving diversity, equity and inclusion” as the #1 challenge facing HR managers in 2022.

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However, a little-known social security program, Ticket to Work, can help employers find qualified employees and meet DE&I standards. At the same time, it can help recipients of Social Security Invalidity (SSDI) who wish to resume a professional activity but who may not be able to do without the services on which they depend, in particular health cover.

Through the Ticket to Work program, which was launched in 2002, SSDI recipients can keep some of their benefits as they re-enter the workforce. Forbes reports that beneficiaries can keep their Medicare coverage for more than seven years after returning to work. This saves both the employee and their employer money on health care coverage while securing benefits.

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If you have collected SSDI and feel ready to return to the workforce, seek out an employer who supports the program. The Social Security Administration (SSA) has resources in place to help recipients find organizations that qualify as “employment networks,” which are committed to supporting diversity and inclusion in the workplace. and hire SSDI recipients.

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