The nation owes peace and tranquility to the supreme sacrifices of the martyrs: Sanaullah

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ISLAMABAD, (UrduPoint/Pakistan Point News – July 2, 2022): Interior Minister Rana Sanaullah Khan, while paying tribute to the martyrs of the police and other law enforcement agencies, said peace and tranquility existing in the land were the result of their supreme sacrifices.

Addressing a ceremony held here on Saturday to hand out checks to Islamabad police families, he said the sacrifices of martyrs change the destiny of nations and nations that tend to forget their heroes cannot last long time.

The Minister said that today’s ceremony was organized to recognize the splendid services and sacrifices that the martyrs rendered to the nation, besides announcing that the government would take care of their families.

He said they were our real heroes who sacrificed their lives to ensure peace in the country and bravely fought against criminals and anti-state elements.

The minister said the previous government had unnecessarily delayed the payment of dues and allowances to the families of martyrs for the past four years. Despite the financial constraints, Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif has ordered to pay the pending dues worth 1.22 billion rupees to the families of the martyrs by June 30, 2022, he added.

Sanaullah said the nation had paid a heavy price both economically and security-wise during the war on terror, as it had lost 80,000 citizens and 12,000 law enforcement personnel in addition to suffering a financial loss of more than 150 billion rupees for the national economy.

Regarding the increase in fuel prices, the Minister said that the government is aware of the difficulties that the population is facing. This is due to the wrong decisions and policies of the previous government which first signed an inappropriate agreement with the international lending agency and then opted to ignore the pact, he added.

Sanaullah said there was an imminent danger that the government would default, should the incumbent government hold new elections. All political forces could jointly pull the country out of the crisis, he said, adding, “We must work together for the progress and prosperity of the country.” However, he said, only Imran Khan was pushing the country towards anarchy and chaos. “Our country was achieved through long struggle and unparalleled sacrifice made by our elders, and we would not let anyone put it in jeopardy,” he added.

The minister appreciated the police team for carrying out the operation against the criminals involved in the murder of DC Nauman Afzal and other heinous crimes.

He also ordered IGP Islamabad to relaunch the medal program for police officers, which was discontinued after 2018.

Earlier, the minister upon arrival at Islamabad police lines visited Yadgar-e-Shuhada (the monument of martyrs), laid wreath and offered fatha. Dr. Abkbar Nasir Khan of IG Islamabad Police also accompanied him.