Stroll On State Holiday Tree Comes to Downtown Rockford | New

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ROCKFORD (WREX) —Stroll on State Harvest and Settlement Day marks the start of the holiday season and stroll on state festivities.

The first day of snowfall made a nice backdrop to accompany the state walk Harvesting trees.

The walk on h-stateholidays the tree has been delivered downtown tuesday. The tree sits on the corner of Elm and Main Street in front of the BMO Center.

Husband and wife Jerry and Carol Davies are this years tree donors. The couple said the tree was quite the spectacle for their neighbors. However, they are honore be part of the celebration of city holidays.

This is a beautiful tree, what did they say it also became a landmark so if you want to to tell someone where you live, they say where do you live, we say home where they have the Christmas tree in the front yardsaid Jerry Davies. This is kinda sad, but we also need to get rid of it because it’s become a traffic hazard and it’s become so big in recent years that it has to go,”

The tree was escorted by Rockford Police to downtown. AAccording to the workers on site, the process was not easy.

So we get here, we put straps on the top of the tree, we cut off the lower limbs, then the crane hooks onto the straps of the tree, we cut it, we move the semi backtrailer by lowering it gently we attach it for transport in town“said John RichardsTree maintenance companies.

The tree is 40 feet tall and 16 feet wide. This is exactly what the leaders of the Rockford Area Convention Visitors Bureau said they search when trying to find the perfect tree.

“We have to go and look at these trees and see if they’re going to be big enough, if they’re going to be full enough, is this the right shape of a tree, does it look like it could meet the needs of this it takes to be such a massive tree for the eventsaid Julie Huber, COO of Stroll on State. “We’re just super excited and we’re not letting the cold weather stop us go to arrive and then bundle up, get out there and join the community that helps bring Stroll on State together.”

The Stroll on State team is currently requires volunteers not only to help with decoration, but also for parts of the surrounding areas of downtown Rockford.

Whether you are If you want to lend a hand, you can sign up now on the Stroll on State website.

You can also volunteer Friday and Saturday morning from 8 a.m.