Some of the best home loans for investors in November 2021

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What Australian real estate investors can expect over the next few years is not yet entirely clear. While some analysts predict another year of rising house prices before a drop in 2023, there are still a lot of unknown factors to consider that could affect the way things move.

Investors looking for stability may be interested in comparing fixed interest rate offers, as they could help keep your mortgage payments consistent until you have a better idea of ​​what to expect.

Here are some of the top rated options from RateCity’s rankings, which rank mortgage loans based on their real-time valuations ™ to better indicate their overall value.

Some of the best 5 year home loans for fixed investors

It’s important to remember that fixed rates are not as low as they once were, with some major banks having increased their fixed rate offers several times over the past month. One strategy that has proven popular with investors in the past is to go with a fixed rate mortgage that allows interest only payments, thus reducing the monthly cost of the loan. Of course, this option could also mean paying more interest on the property in the longer term.

Some of the Best Interest-Only Investor Home Loans

While some banks have increased their fixed rate offers, some have also reduced their variable interest rate offers. This includes not only the major lenders, but also some of the smaller banks and non-bank lenders, which are believed to have grown in popularity, brokers say.

Some of the best variable investor home loans