Neon Labs integrates with surface data on Solana

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Paris, France, November 23, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – Neon, an Ethereum virtual machine on Solana that allows dApps on Ethereum to scale and access liquidity on Solana, today announced that it will integrate, a blockchain cross-network computing and decentralized indexing provider, to allow access to all cross-chain DeFi data on the protocol.’s microVM network indexes important data to create a rich data history while ensuring that datasets remain available. will bring transparency to Neon by highlighting EVM statistics, optimized by better indexing. Users can check TVL, Solana, TPS transactions, operator node statistics, detailed smart contract statistics on Neon, and more, all at a glance. also brings increased transparency and ease of use to Neon and developers by leveraging their EVM, allowing them to easily access past events, track transfers, deposits and withdrawals. specializes in Solana indexing, where many projects currently have to rely on their own centralized indexing solutions or no indexing at all, due to the high costs of physical hardware, blazingly fast internet connections and the computing power. Many DeFi protocols on Solana have already integrated to display historical transaction data and provide easier data queries to their users, including Raydium, Saber, Port Finance and Orca and the recently launched Serum.Markets.

“We are excited to take on this challenge to help deliver fully decentralized indexing solutions for all Ethereum use cases running on Solana via Neon. This solution is unique in that the dApps on Neon will be indexed on both sides, on Ethereum and on Solana, ”said Jonathan Schemoul, founder of

Neon recently announced $ 40 million in funding to bring Ethereum virtual machine functionality to the Solana blockchain, and is preparing to launch its mainnet this month. Neon is used to run all Ethereum dApps on Solana, from loan protocols and AMMs. Neon has already garnered a lot of attention, with major DApps like Aave pledging to deploy on the EVM. Projects on Neon need data to be instantly accessible and highly available to developers and app users.’s indexing solution will deliver exactly that in a decentralized manner. Users will be able to view all real-time and past events including TVL, Ethereum contracts deployed on Solana, average and detailed gas price and transaction costs and more, through simple dashboards for big data volumes for DeFi platforms like Aave which reach $ 1.9 billion in daily volume, and SushiSwap with $ 487 million as well as NFT markets in the future.

“The Aleph indexing solution will bring transparency to Neon developers and operators, and improve the overall user experience of the product. This integration is one more step towards the interoperability of Ethereum and Solana by providing indexing data visuals in the cloud, ”said Andrey Falaleyev, CTO.

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Neon allows users to run any Ethereum protocol on Solana, without any changes to its codebase, including Uniswap, Sushiswap, 0x, MakerDAO, and countless others. In other words, Ethereum developers will soon be able to deploy their applications on Solana, a blockchain that can process 50,000 transactions per second at $ 0.0025 apiece. To learn more, please visit

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