Highlights for Seattle Seahawks’ Day 3 picks and notable UDFAs

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the 2022 NFL Draft is over and the Seattle Seahawks have come out on top with some great additions to their roster. Of course, questions remain at some key positions, and the team is far from settled on most of the roster; but one thing we know for sure is that the Seahawks are a lot of new players are going to get a lot of playing time in the upcoming season. And I, for my part, accept the change (because I literally have no choice). So, in keeping with that spirit of positivity and forced reflection, here’s a highlight for every Day Three pick the Seahawks have added to their roster, and even some carefully curated UDFA highlights. Except for Coby Bryant, which I already covered in a separate article.

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Tariq wool | BC | UTSA

Tyreke Smith | EDGE | ohio state

side note: love this pick. Similar to Alton Robinson’s selection, I feel like he’s the kind of guy this team needs; to have a deep body of rotating linemen who can really impact the game again would be great to see.

Bo Melton | WR | Rutgers

Dareke Young | WR | Lenoir Rhyne

Levi Lewis | QB | Louisiana-Lafayette

Bubba Bolden | S | Miami

Shamarious Gilmore | OG | state of georgia

let’s ride Go hawks!