Expenses related to high school sports take a heavy toll on family finances

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AMHERST, NY (WKBW) — High school athletics is a staple in many local communities across America. At Sweet Home High School, the Panthers know how to have fun on the football field.

Part of the team’s success can be attributed to Running Back, Jordan Theodore. Theodore begins to attract the attention of several colleges, resulting in tours and demonstration camps. All with the aim of potentially receiving an offer from one of these schools.

But to get that exposure, Jordan and his family had to do a lot.

“Showcases can cost between $40 and $200,” said Jordan’s mother, Natalie Theodore.

In addition to the rates for these camps, Theodore said there are increasing costs that you don’t see on the bottom line of these showcases.

“We were paying 4.75 cents for gas, it was really expensive. This does not include food and the hotel room,” Théodore said.

This is something that not only affects Theodores, but many people with a child who plays sports in high school.

According loan treethe average family spends $693 per year per child, and travel programs can cost up to $12,000.

“It’s just a very expensive time for a lot of people in many ways and youth sports is no exception,” said Lending Tree credit analyst Matt Shulz.

Schulz added that much of that may come from inflation.

“These things are very expensive and that’s always a challenge, but never more so than when the cost of everything in life seems to be going up,” Shulz said.

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