CrossTower Sets New Volume and Market Share Records After Successful Launch in India

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  • Consecutive quarterly growth in global sales since the launch of 187%
  • The growth of its market share of 63% since September 2021
  • Institutional client engagement at record levels, with total assets under management of $150 billion

Kapil Rathi, co-founder and CEO of CrossTower noted, “We have achieved this cornerstone of CrossTower’s growth in all of our key metrics, industries and markets. We are seeing a growing awareness and appetite for digital assets from institutional and retail investors with unprecedented engagement. CrossTower is well positioned to continue strong momentum in the next quarter with its pipeline. ”

With CrossTower, the crypto market has reached all-time highs. The DeFi sector has grown rapidly, with $ 270 billion the total value being locked in smart contracts. Most of these smart contracts are on the Ethereum blockchain, but recently we have seen massive growth in other smart contract blockchains including Solana and Avalanche.

Kristin boggiano, co-founder and president of CrossTower noted, “CrossTower is an exchange with capital market capabilities, such as lending, borrowing, and structured products, which we offer to both institutional and retail clients on our new India to exchange. Digital assets that use blockchain are recognized as the catalyst for future innovation, economic growth and financial inclusion. Many believe that this paradigm shift in the digital world will have as much impact as the birth of the Internet. At CrossTower, we are very excited to be at the forefront of this technological revolution and to actively seek out ways to move the space forward.. ”

The strong growth in digital assets can be attributed to the recognition of the transformative value of this technology. Web 3.0 and the metaverse, with digital assets being an integral part of the infrastructure, are growing in popularity as open source software facilitates global participation. This new wave of technological innovation is essential for the future growth of jobs and business opportunities around the world.


Founded in 2019, CrossTower, ranked 4th in the world by Cryptocompare, is a crypto exchange with capital market capabilities. CrossTower empowers smart money to push the boundaries of what’s possible. CrossTower provides the best services and products tailored to the needs of retail traders and institutions, including hedge funds, family offices, endowments, pensions and other market participants. CrossTower leverages its vast experience in trading, technology, operational infrastructure, innovative pricing, regulation and compliance to make cryptocurrency and digital assets accessible to sophisticated retail and institutional players. CrossTower has offices located in the United States, Bermuda, and India.

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