Cens World launches as a future open-world Metaverse game

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Auckland, New Zealand, March 18, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Cens World is launching as the future metaverse open-world game of the century. Cens World is a fully 3D metaverse game that uses advanced technologies to provide the best experiences for players, help them live in the real world, and admire the objects they have created or owned in the most realistic way.

It is no coincidence that many people believe that Cens World will usher in a new era of Metaverse gaming. This is a game in which all countries and territories participate in a simulation of an Earth parallel to the present. It doesn’t matter what character the user is in the game. Cens World players will create their own stories and give personalities to their characters. As a result, characters in Cens World are always unique, deep, or gruesome, and they must all belong to the player. In the realm of CENS WORLD, players have complete control over the fate of their characters.

CENS WORLD is entering a new era.

CENS WORLD is a Metaverse-based environment where players can have the best gaming experiences while earning money. Cens World, unsurprisingly, is set to usher in a new era for Metaverse games. This is the first Metaverse game that was founded to offer creation for cash (C2E) to creative gamers to earn money. CENS WORLD is a one-of-a-kind game in which game characters, each with their own distinct personality, tell deep, fascinating, and often bizarre stories created by players. “CENS WORLD”, also known as the “Game of the Century”, with the slogan “Century – New World, New Story”, offers players an ultra-natural thrill that few other games on the market can match.

In CENS WORLD, the characters don’t matter. They will come to life with a new set of powerful and easy-to-use creative tools included in CENS WORLD. Players join the metaverse in real time or in game time to keep the game exciting. Every day, the player will face a variety of random circumstances, such as illness, inability to work, or insects destroying the farm. Including such random events in the game will add to the appeal of the game while reducing the risk of inflation.

The many features equipped, such as Bank, Farm, NFT Market, Mini-game and Tournament, are unique in the field of CENS WORLD. These game elements all provide players with realistic experiences close to real-life activities, a unique feature created by CENS WORLD.

All these factors will open a new era for CENS WORLD.

Technical data

  1. Symbolic figures

Token name: Cens World Token.

Code: CENS.

Blockchain: BSC.

Token standard: BEP-20.

Token Type: Utility Token, Governance Token.

Total supply: 500,000,000.

  1. Token Allocation Plan

CSR: 1%

Liquidity, listing, marketing: 20%

Partners & Advisors: 3%

Development team: 4%

Founding team: 10%

Ecosystem Fund: 6%

Boot tower: 5%

Private sale: 10%

Public sale: 1%

Create to win: 21%

Staking Rewards: 19%

  1. Token Release Schedule

seed tower: 9% at TGE, cliff 2 months, then over 13 months,

Private sell: 9% at TGE, cliff 3 months, then over 13 months,

Public sale: 100% unlocking starts from when the token is listed on the crypto exchange.

Create to win: Unlock 100% on Day 0.

Staking Rewards: Unlock 4% on day 0 and 3% per month for the next 32 months from day 120.

Ecosystem Fund: Unlock 3% per month for 32 months from day 30 and 4% last month.

Founding team: Unlock 2.75% per month for 36 months from day 30 and 1% last month.

Development team: 4% unlocked on Day 30, then 3% monthly acquisition in 32 months.

Partners & Advisors: 20% unlocked on Day 30, then 2% monthly acquisition in 40 months,

Liquidity, listing, marketing: 12% released on day 0, then 8% quarterly acquisition in 11 quarters.

CSR: 100% unlocking starts from when the token is listed on the crypto exchange.

  1. How to use the token?

4.1: Governance: CENS governance token holders will be able to vote, submit referendums, and elect board members, among others.

4.2: Transaction fees: Tokens can be used to pay transaction fees in the Cens World system.

4.3: Loan fees: If a user uses CENS tokens to make transactions at the Central Bank, a fee will be added to the liquidity, increasing the value of the CENS tokens.

4.4: Launching ramp: CENS token holders are eligible to participate in future Cens World ecosystem projects.

4.5: Awards: Cens World, like other DeFi platforms, will have a large pool of general money to contribute. The number of CENS tokens collected from liquidity providers will be proportional to the amount of additional liquidity. Additionally, CENS tokens will be awarded for marketing initiatives, prizes, ad conversions, and more.

Cens World is still a relatively unknown name in the Metaverse. However, due to the unique qualities of the game compared to the current market, it is a fantastic opportunity to profit from investing in the future.

Benefits of

• NFT & Lands: CENS WORLD sells NFTs and Lands to players who pay to earn money.
• Lending: NFT lending profits.
• Market Fees: peer-to-peer NFT market fees.
• In-game transaction fees: purchase fees (food to survive, clothes, houses, etc.).
• Game commission: mini-game, PvP, tournament commission.


The CENS WORLD ecosystem is currently led by 13 members:

• Mr. Hoang Anh: 10 years of experience in project management, marketing and sales in home technology projects. More than 7 years experience in Smart Glass VR/AR design field.
• Anh Hung Duong CIO: 7 years of experience in software development, AI, machine learning and blockchain.
• Li Zheng Xiang Yun CFO More than 5 years working with foreign funds. More than 7 years of working with the sales and marketing department
• Trang Vu Quynh – CMO: Miss Courage and Top 10 Miss Universe Vietnam 2019 with a passion for bringing Vietnam’s Fintech initiatives to the world.
• Tracy Bui – Community Manager: 4 years of experience in Community Management.
• Ngan Tran Public Relations Officer: Many years in the field of media and journalism.
• Ha Le Manh – Game Director: more than 10 years of experience in managing and operating 2D and 3D game development. Participated in bullets strike battlegrounds game in 2016. Since 2016, I have participated in many other online game projects big and small.
• Vu Phan – CTO: more than 10 years of experience in web applications
• Brian Dhang Blockchain Team Leader » 10 years of application experience working in web/mobile/desktop, games as well as blockchain development.
• Sujata Gupta – Community Manager: 2 years of experience in community development.
• Firman Siburian – Community development: 2 years of experience in community development, Marketing.
• Phu Hoang – HRM: 5 years of experience as a domestic PM in technological projects.
• Duc Hoang – Team Leader Game Artist: 5 years of experience in graphic design for games

Join the realm of CENS WORLD as a partner or player to see how unique the game environment on Metaverse is.

Learn more about Cens World:

Website: https://century.luxe/

White Paper: https://century.luxe/white-paper-en.pdf

Twitter: https://twitter.com/CensWorldnft

Telegram: https://t.me/censworldgroup