Boiler Blockchain Holds Blockchain Security Event | Campus

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The Boiler Blockchain Club continued its Crypto Cafe events on Thursday night, inviting the CEO of Arbitrary Execution, a blockchain security company, Brian Newhard, to be its final speaker.

Newhard, an expert on the future of security in cryptography, spoke to students about his thoughts on the current blockchain environment.

The club is based on educating and preparing students to engage in the world of blockchain. This involves hosting workshops and guest speakers at “Crypto Cafe” sessions on Discord.

Crypto Cafe is an event hosted by Boiler Blockchain, which promotes discussion and education around new blockchain and crypto developments.

“There are still a lot of innovations in finance and lending and it’s hard to tell which are sustainable and which aren’t,” Newhard said. “The ones that will last longer are the ones that are less exciting.”

While the CEO said the blockchain market continues to grow, it is currently limited in becoming popular due to the complexity of some of the systems around it.

“Security technology is not there yet to be mainstreamed,” he said.

Newhard also discussed the issues of not having fixed auditing systems or programs that tell people exactly what they are signing up for, which can lead to scams, as well as less incoming users.

“It’s very easy to just click Accept, we have a ways to go to make things human-readable,” Newhard said.

Newhard’s company aims to be the answer to these problems. In a relatively new part of the tech world like blockchain, Newhard said the company’s early adoption of blockchain will lead to more potential customers.

Arbitrary Execution is also partnering with ChainShot, another blockchain company, to offer a course where students can receive ethereum, blockchain, training through the Arbitrary Execution website, according to Newhard.

Arbitrary Execution will also host a security workshop around smart contracts with Boiler Blockchain on March 13.