A new $3.5 million medical clinic, with a CNOS facility, will be built in Moville, IA

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SIOUX CITY (KTIV) – The city of Moville, IA will open a new medical clinic in the spring of 2023.

The two-story building will have 5,000 square feet on the first level and 5,000 square feet on the upper level.

The total cost of the building started at $3.5 million, then increased to $5 million, after some reductions, it fell back to $3.5 million.

Monday was a big day for the project, as they received a $1.86 million interest-free loan.

The money comes from the Rural Economic Development Loans and Grants Program.

“If there is a project that I think is a good fit with this program, I will bring it to our local board to talk about the project and see if they would support a grant or loan application through the USDA,” said Kent Amundson, REC General Manager of Woodbury County.

When the Moville Area Medical Clinic started, it had a lot of support. This project will provide a new local clinic for the residents of Moville. When the building is complete, MercyOne will lease the first floor of the facility to replace the current MercyOne Moville Family Practice Clinic. The CNOS and a wellness center will occupy the second floor

“People in the community are getting older and it’s getting harder and harder and the people here are so important and they’re very important to the men and that’s what my focus was, it was to provide good health care to the people of Moville,” said Diane Drevs, chair of the Moville area medical committee.

Many people played central roles in the plans for the new clinic. They anticipate that the construction of the clinic will take three to six months. It will be located along Highway 20.