5 Benefits of Living in a New Home and Community

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A recent Loan Tree Survey found that nearly 40% of Americans plan to move in 2022. They also learned that nearly half of those people plan to buy a home. If you find yourself in this group of people, you have a lot to consider.

You are probably weighing your options to buy or build, a condo or a house, and an established community or a new community.

Live in a new home and new community has a lot of advantages and advantages. Outside of the obvious newness, there are a few things to consider when deciding whether to build and buy into a new community.


If there’s one thing the last 20 years of technological advancement has brought to consumers, it’s convenience. Need a new toaster? Order it online. Want to watch the latest blockbuster movie? Open the Netflix app on your phone and enjoy, even on the front train from work!

Woodside Homes has taken a similar approach to its homes and communities, in that every amenity and luxuries you might need is built in.

Parks, green spaces, trail systems, shopping malls, swimming pools, exercise rooms and equipment and more are all part of what you will find waiting for you in a new community.

similar ages

If a sense of community is what you are looking for, then a new community is what you want. Most newly built communities are planned with a sense of community in mind, where neighborly relationships can be easily fostered.

In a planned community, you will usually find many other families of the same age, making it an ideal place to raise a family.

Asked by the Parade of houses how she enjoyed living in her new neighborhood, Vivian said, “We love it here…it’s literally like one big family. We all became fast friends and everyone helps each other.”

From the layout of residential lots to the mutual enjoyment of common amenities, community-driven neighborhoods are about making you belong.

Latest designs

Buying an old house can be a difficult project. Design trends have changed a lot since the 60s, and remodeling to modern specs (and code) can be expensive and exhausting. Buying a new home means you will have the very best and most modern designs and construction standards from day one.

Inside of newest Woodside homes, you’ll find large rooms and open floor plans as opposed to the smaller, more isolated rooms found in most older homes. Large open kitchens with islands and large windows are also all the rage now – something you won’t find in many older homes.

For your cars, most new homes have two- or three-car garages, while many older homes only have one. The bathrooms are also much more luxurious than they have been in the past, with tubs, toilets, his and hers sinks, and more.

5 benefits of living in a new home and community
Photo: Woodside Homes

Energy savings

With the cost of everything rising these days, moving into a new, energy-efficient home is something you almost can’t afford not to do. A new home will be more energy efficient than any other home on the market, saving you a lot on your monthly utility bills.

In addition, new energy-efficient appliances pair well with new Woodside Home Layouts, as well as smart thermostats and other technological advances that will save you money compared to older homes of comparable size.

Your style

If you’ve always wanted a home that belongs only to you, then a brand new home is the way to go. By building a house, you will have the final say on details such as flooring, cabinetry, paint, appliances, and other features. Home shopping can be tedious, but when you customize your home the way you want, the shopping experience is a lot of fun and joy.

Looking for your new home? Find yours in one of the many new communities built by Woodside Homes.

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